Eggs are the only food source that contains all the nutrients that a person needs after breast milk. Eggs, which contain significant amounts of vitamins A, D, E and B, play an important role in the performance of brain functions thanks to the choline contained in them. So, let’s mothers 1 egg a day for healthy and successful children…

Although it is a nutrient of animal origin, the fat content of the egg is low. In other words, the amount of saturated fatty acids and total fat in the egg, which are risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, is small. Research has found that eating eggs at breakfast plays an important role in burning body fat. So, 1 egg every morning…

Egg yolks are one of the few nutrients that provide vitamin D, and if sunlight is also used adequately, eggs prevent bone disorders due to vitamin D deficiency, especially in children. So, come on, moms, 1 egg for our kids every day…

Eggs also contain minerals that are important for our health, such as iron and zinc. Iron is essential for blood production. In addition, Iron has a role in growth, development and protection from diseases. Failure also reduces children’s learning ability and school success. So, let’s mothers 1 egg per day for healthy successful children…

Don’t be afraid of the cholesterol in the egg. Egg has the effect of lowering harmful cholesterol in the blood, increasing beneficial cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is synthesized in the body in humans and all animals. Insulation of nerve fibers is a necessary substance for ensuring the integrity of cell walls, the synthesis of vitamin D, the formation of various hormones and digestive secretions.

Protein in eggs is the highest quality of all nutrients. While the biological benefit of protein in eggs is 100%, this value remains at 85% in milk, 76% in fish, and 74% in beef. So, one egg every morning…

Attention! If you’re an animal, we’re deprived of protein. We’re eating unbalanced. Egg consumption per capita per year in EU countries is 270 units, 330 units in Israel, 180 units in Greece and 200 units in Turkey. For this reason, the problems caused by lack of animal protein in our country are increasing.

Eggs are such a food item that they have the power and ability to form a living being without any additives and support from the outside.Eggs are the only food item whose packaging is made by the animal. It is therefore completely closed to commercial cheating. So, one egg every day…

Eggs For A Balanced Diet

Calculation based on a diet of 2000 calories per day:

One large egg;

4.5 g fat (7.5% of daily need),
1.5 g of saturated fat (8% of daily need) and
It contains 215 mg of cholesterol (7% of the daily amount).

An Egg;

8% Vitamin B12
6% Vitamin A
10% Protein
4% Vitamin B6
6% Vitamin D
3% Vitamin E
6% Folic Acid
2% Thiomine
8% phosphorus
15% Riboflavin
4% zinc
Contains 4% Iron

2 after breast milk in terms of egg nutrient quality. ranks

Dear Mothers,
Every mother wants her child to be healthy. Consumption of animal protein in infancy nutrition (especially until the first three years) is necessary for the development of the child’s brain function. At the beginning of the substances in which animal protein will be most easily provided is the egg.

Eggs are nutritious, delicious and the cheapest nutrient, as well as contain all the essential vitamins and minerals that a person needs throughout his life the only food is the easiest food to digest. The choline substance contained in it directly affects the child’s physical development and ability to learn. For this reason, the egg, which is a sample source of protein in children’s nutrition, should not be neglected.

Why Eggs?

For a sufficient and balanced diet to live healthy, we should not miss the egg, which is a cheap food with a high nutritional value to give life to a living being, from our meals. Because;

6. After the month, eggs are a valuable source of iron for young children. Anemia (anemia) occurs when iron is insufficient.In addition, Iron has a role in growth, development and protection from diseases.

Incomplete nutrition of the expectant mother from animal proteins causes the baby to come into the world with a low birth weight.Low birth weight, chronic diseases in old age (diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc…) causes it to appear.An egg eaten a day meets both the expectant mother’s animal protein needs and ensures that the baby is fed and born at the appropriate weight.

Choline, which is found in eggs, plays an important role, especially in the mental and cerebral development of children. In order for them to be a successful member throughout life, men need 550 mg and women 425 mg daily eggs. During pregnancy, this need increases by 7 times.

It is scientific fact that eggs consumed regularly are effective in protecting and treating cancer, cardiovascular diseases, in the health and protection of the digestive system, in the Prevention of osteoporosis in the relief of menopausal symptoms.

In young girls who regularly consume eggs, the risk of developing breast cancer in old age decreases.

Egg consumption reduces the risk of paralysis.

Its effects have been observed in the protection and treatment of certain chronic diseases.

It protects eye health, reduces the risk of vision disorders and cataracts that may occur in old age.

Despite its high nutrient content, it is low in calories.

With 12 kinds of nutrients it contains, eggs are the easiest, most delicious and cheapest food store to digest.

Egg source of life

Egg is the only food that is not cheated in any way by its natural packaging.
Eggs rank second after breast milk in terms of nutrient quality.
Eggs are the most dense food of choline, which affects brain function for the upbringing of intelligent, successful children.
Eggs are highly effective in increasing children’s intelligence levels.
Eggs protect eye health, reduce the risk of stroke.
Egg, reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, provides menopause relief.
Eggs help protect against cancer, heart, vascular diseases.
Eggs are a valuable source of iron.
Eggs are effective in growth, development and protection from diseases.
Eggs are important in protecting against chronic diseases, in the health and protection of the digestive system.
Eggs, despite their high nutrient content, are low in calories.
Eggs, 6 with 12 kinds of nutrients it contains. it is an important food that people of all ages must consume every day from the month.

Do not miss an egg from your tables, which is a delicious and cheap food with a high nutritional value enough to give life to a living being for an adequate and balanced diet to live healthy…

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